5.0-11642 3 mis,2 wythnos ago InputCommon/XInput: Expose battery as input and cleanups. (PR #8614 o jordan-woyak)
5.0-11639 3 mis,2 wythnos ago Core/NetPlayClient: Add documentation for SendPadHostPoll (PR #8605 o Techjar)
5.0-11637 3 mis,2 wythnos ago InputCommon: Allow controller settings specified with input expresions. (PR #8417 o jordan-woyak)
5.0-11634 3 mis,2 wythnos ago CMake: add DOLPHIN_CXX_FLAGS option (PR #6143 o ligfx)
5.0-11632 3 mis,2 wythnos ago Cleanup: Use std::abs instead of abs. (PR #8615 o jordan-woyak)
5.0-11630 3 mis,2 wythnos ago DolphinQt: setTabKeyNavigation(false) on QTableWidget and QTableView. (PR #8606 o jordan-woyak)
5.0-11628 3 mis,2 wythnos ago DolphinQt: Fix stereoscopy hotkeys. (PR #8608 o jordan-woyak)
5.0-11626 3 mis,2 wythnos ago DolphinQt: Kill some unused member variables. (PR #8612 o jordan-woyak)
5.0-11624 3 mis,3 wythnos ago Core/Jits: Adds an option to disable the register cache. (PR #8472 o degasus)
5.0-11622 3 mis,3 wythnos ago Externals: Update fmt to 6.1.2 (PR #8602 o lioncash)
5.0-11617 3 mis,3 wythnos ago ButtonManager: Fix handling of empty device id. (PR #8592 o phcoder)
5.0-11615 3 mis,3 wythnos ago IOS/FS: Fix CreateFullPath to not create directories that already exist (PR #8594 o leoetlino)
5.0-11613 3 mis,3 wythnos ago Fix DI interrupt mask ioctl names (PR #8599 o Pokechu22)
5.0-11610 3 mis,3 wythnos ago WiimoteEmu: Fix default IMU accelerometer mappings. (PR #8600 o jordan-woyak)
5.0-11608 3 mis,4 wythnos ago ControllerInterface/DSUClient: Minor cleanup. (PR #8478 o jordan-woyak)
5.0-11606 3 mis,4 wythnos ago Translation resources sync with Transifex
5.0-11605 3 mis,4 wythnos ago Vulkan: Treat VK_SUBOPTIMAL_KHR as VK_SUCCESS on Android (PR #8595 o stenzek)
5.0-11602 3 mis,4 wythnos ago Android: Fix typo in Skip Presenting Duplicate Frames setting name (PR #8596 o stenzek)
5.0-11600 3 mis,4 wythnos ago WiiRoot: Fix CopySysmenuFilesToFS directory creation (PR #8593 o leoetlino)
5.0-11598 4 mis ago DolphinQt/GCMemcardManager: Mark string as translatable within GetErrorMessagesForErrorCode() (PR #8589 o lioncash)