5.0-20086 2  fis,3 wythnos ago VideoBackends:Metal: Multi render target support (PR #12004 o TellowKrinkle)
5.0-20084 2  fis,3 wythnos ago VideoCommon: add ability to load cube maps into custom texture data (PR #12102 o iwubcode)
5.0-20082 2  fis,3 wythnos ago VideoCommon: Deinit Graphics Mod Manager explicitly (PR #12158 o noahpistilli)
5.0-20080 2  fis,3 wythnos ago Android: Get rid of unnecessary nullability in features.settings (PR #12152 o JosJuice)
5.0-20078 2  fis,3 wythnos ago IOS/KD: Implement NWC24_CHECK_MAIL_NOW (PR #12108 o noahpistilli)
5.0-20076 2  fis,3 wythnos ago Android: Use JNI for setting/getting ISO paths (PR #12153 o JosJuice)
5.0-20074 2  fis,3 wythnos ago Android: Fix controller float sliders crashing (PR #12151 o JosJuice)
5.0-20071 2  fis,3 wythnos ago IOS/KD: Check if a file has an RSA signature (PR #12149 o noahpistilli)
5.0-20069 2  fis,3 wythnos ago Fifo: Convert MemoryUpdate::Type to enum class (PR #12148 o Dentomologist)
5.0-20067 2  fis,3 wythnos ago TextureCacheBase: Add m_ prefix to member variables (PR #12157 o Dentomologist)
5.0-20065 2  fis,4 wythnos ago Jit: Allow BLR optimization without fastmem (PR #12079 o JosJuice)
5.0-20062 2  fis,4 wythnos ago JitCache: Fix potentially dangling pointer to fast block map. (PR #12150 o AdmiralCurtiss)
5.0-20059 3 mis ago Android: Expose color space settings (PR #12095 o t895)
5.0-20056 3 mis ago PageFaultTest: Use GTEST_SKIP instead of early return (PR #12147 o Dentomologist)
5.0-20054 3 mis ago Jit: Automatically clear cache when JIT settings are updated (PR #10575 o JosJuice)
5.0-20050 3 mis ago VideoCommon: Fix GLSL uint handling in UberShaderPixel (PR #12145 o JosJuice)
5.0-20048 3 mis ago Video: Fix issues with the window presentation (PR #12000 o Filoppi)
5.0-20043 3 mis ago RetroAchievements - Fixed Leaderboard Scored message format (PR #12030 o LillyJadeKatrin)
5.0-20041 3 mis ago Added latching buttons (Android) (PR #12119 o ThunderousEcho)
5.0-20039 3 mis ago Use latest resolution value for resolution hotkey OSD (PR #12142 o JosJuice)