5.0-11860 2  fis,3 wythnos ago Android: Reload Wii Remote settings upon saving them (PR #8735 o Ebola16)
5.0-11858 2  fis,3 wythnos ago DolphinQt: Don't overwrite >8x IR scale in ini, add maximum internal res option (PR #8340 o stenzek)
5.0-11856 2  fis,3 wythnos ago Android: Set Insert SD Card default setting to true (PR #8746 o Ebola16)
5.0-11854 2  fis,3 wythnos ago Core: Skip duplicate frames when using frame advance (PR #8730 o JosJuice)
5.0-11851 2  fis,3 wythnos ago Adjust s_DIMAR/s_DILENGTH behavior (fixes Baten Kaitos music) (PR #8733 o JosJuice)
5.0-11849 2  fis,3 wythnos ago Android: Add Insert SD Card and update the description (PR #8708 o Ebola16)
5.0-11847 2  fis,3 wythnos ago Set Insert SD Card default value to true (PR #8711 o Ebola16)
5.0-11845 2  fis,3 wythnos ago Delete properties dialog on close (PR #8716 o Pokechu22)
5.0-11843 2  fis,4 wythnos ago DolphinQt: Added checkbox to filter out NetPlay sessions that are already in-game. (PR #8741 o cristian64)
5.0-11841 2  fis,4 wythnos ago VideoCommon: Tweak widescreen heuristic. (PR #8584 o jordan-woyak)
5.0-11838 2  fis,4 wythnos ago IOS/USBHost: Skip starting threads when determinism is enabled (PR #8742 o Techjar)
5.0-11836 3 mis ago Fix bug 11920 (PR #8736 o Pokechu22)
5.0-11834 3 mis ago Remove outdated comment from Movie::FrameUpdate (PR #8734 o JosJuice)
5.0-11832 3 mis ago DolphinQt: Fix the panic alert deadlock (a.k.a. "Question" issue) (PR #8715 o JosJuice)
5.0-11830 3 mis ago Vulkan: Switch from vkCreateMacOSSurfaceMVK() to vkCreateMetalSurfaceEXT() and Update MoltenVK (PR #8728 o stenzek)
5.0-11827 3 mis,1 wythnos ago Android: Fix ATV on API 28+ (PR #8720 o webgeek1234)
5.0-11825 3 mis,1 wythnos ago Translation resources sync with Transifex
5.0-11824 3 mis,1 wythnos ago Android: Add Paths to UI (PR #7920 o Ebola16)
5.0-11819 3 mis,2 wythnos ago Cleanup warnings of -Wunused-lambda-capture (PR #8698 o howard0su)
5.0-11817 3 mis,2 wythnos ago Translation resources sync with Transifex