3.5-1060 8 blwyddyn ago Clean up more space/tab mismatches in AudioCommon, Common, and VideoCommon.
3.5-1059 8 blwyddyn ago Clean up some space/tab mismatches in DiscIO and InputCommon.
3.5-1058 8 blwyddyn ago Missed a few clang compiler flags.
3.5-1057 8 blwyddyn ago Disabled OSX x86 build since we require 10.7 minimum. This takes support back to late 2006 models. Also, Missed CG framework addition.
3.5-1056 8 blwyddyn ago GLSL: fix msaa egdes
3.5-1055 8 blwyddyn ago Properly set the DMAState flag while ARAM DMA transfers are underway.
3.5-1054 8 blwyddyn ago Short,sweet and fixes issue 5725
3.5-1053 8 blwyddyn ago Disable Vsync while holding tab to disable the frame limit, and allow toggling vsync while emulation is running in OGL.
3.5-1052 8 blwyddyn ago Hide cursor in fullscreen mode on OSX fixes issue 3956
3.5-1051 8 blwyddyn ago Clean up CInterfaceAGL, make sure the screen gets cleared on stop, and remove the FPS update that messes up GUI builds since GUIless doesn't build anyways.
3.5-1050 8 blwyddyn ago Fix a typo in ArmEmitter noticed by LionCash.
3.5-1049 8 blwyddyn ago Set GLES Tex2D function to texture2D, texture is only available in GLES3. Fix some tabs in the config file.
3.5-1048 8 blwyddyn ago Reenable mulli and negx, seems to work fine.
3.5-1047 8 blwyddyn ago Git pull
3.5-1035 8 blwyddyn ago Fix full screen on OSX, well as fixed as its ever been. Apperently in render to main it always shown the FPS on the bottom in full screen.
3.5-1045 8 blwyddyn ago Finish up VFP cleanup. A few more instructions are left for VFP, and a bunch of NEON ones if it will ever be used.
3.5-1044 8 blwyddyn ago GLSL: also define pinned_memory in renderer.cpp
3.5-1043 8 blwyddyn ago Remove an obsolete documentation file
3.5-1042 8 blwyddyn ago Revert "Disable Vsync while holding tab to disable the frame limit."
3.5-1041 8 blwyddyn ago Disable Vsync while holding tab to disable the frame limit.