4.0-959 7 blwyddyn,7 mis ago Include-what-you-use suggested fixes. (PR #91 o delroth)
4.0-954 7 blwyddyn,7 mis ago Remove X11InputBase (dead code) (PR #93 o Tilka)
4.0-952 7 blwyddyn,7 mis ago Gameini updates. (PR #89 o Linktothepast)
4.0-950 7 blwyddyn,7 mis ago Relative includes (PR #88 o lioncash)
4.0-930 7 blwyddyn,7 mis ago Save frame skipping option, and allow loading it from game ini too. (PR #87 o RachelBryk)
4.0-928 7 blwyddyn,7 mis ago Silence some Windows compiler warnings (PR #79 o Tilka)
4.0-926 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago Second and final pass of clearing out tabs. (PR #86 o lioncash)
4.0-924 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago Remove the leftover VS folder filter for Wii IO bridge. Files were removed in the mmio merge. (PR #84 o lioncash)
4.0-922 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago Fix the linux build. Turns out Windows-specific files were in the Linux build files. (PR #83 o lioncash)
4.0-920 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago Remove the Console from the possible logging options. (PR #77 o lioncash)
4.0-918 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago Change OpenGL extension initialization in to a big array (PR #55 o Sonicadvance1)
4.0-916 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago Fix some vertical alignments (PR #82 o lioncash)
4.0-914 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago Automatic translation resources update from Transifex
4.0-913 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago VideoCommon API cleanups (PR #37 o degasus)
4.0-905 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago Redesign of the MMIO access interface (PR #69 o delroth)
4.0-889 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago Remove slowdown warning (PR #78 o degasus)
4.0-887 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago Fix ARM build (PR #76 o Sonicadvance1)
4.0-885 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago Arbitrary exits but actually fixed (PR #74 o Sonicadvance1)
4.0-879 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago audio latency fix (PR #42 o degasus)
4.0-873 7 blwyddyn,8 mis ago Kill off some usages of the ArraySize macro. (PR #73 o lioncash)