5.0-11909 5 mis ago Android: Add Install WAD to menu_game_grid (PR #8748 o Ebola16)
5.0-11906 5 mis ago WiimoteEmu: Apply "Tilt" and "Point" rotations separately for proper tilted pointing. (PR #8751 o jordan-woyak)
5.0-11903 5 mis ago Externals: Add bzip2 and libLZMA. (PR #8762 o degasus)
5.0-11900 5 mis ago VolumeVerifier: Show desync warning for dual layer discs too (PR #8764 o JosJuice)
5.0-11898 5 mis ago DiscIO: Implement re-encryption of Wii partition data (PR #8591 o JosJuice)
5.0-11893 5 mis ago DiscIO: Fix decompressing writing the wrong number of bytes sometimes (PR #8740 o JosJuice)
5.0-11889 5 mis ago Jit64: More addx and subfx optimizations (PR #8755 o Sintendo)
5.0-11881 5 mis ago Analytics: Report correct quirk for mismatched xf/bp colors (PR #8761 o Sintendo)
5.0-11879 5 mis,1 wythnos ago Remove unnecessary EFB to Texture disabling for Spider-Man 2 (PR #8752 o TheRealPSV)
5.0-11877 5 mis,1 wythnos ago Android TV: Fix crash when long pressing a game (PR #8718 o JosJuice)
5.0-11873 5 mis,1 wythnos ago Socket: Abort pending ops on close (PR #8389 o sepalani)
5.0-11871 5 mis,1 wythnos ago DolphinQt: Run tasks that use progress dialogs on separate threads (PR #8714 o JosJuice)
5.0-11868 5 mis,1 wythnos ago HLE: Add more debug functions (PR #8713 o sepalani)
5.0-11866 5 mis,1 wythnos ago VertexManagerBase: Skip drawing objects with mismatched xf/bp stages (PR #8717 o stenzek)
5.0-11863 5 mis,1 wythnos ago IOS/FS: Fix FST write failure on some platforms (PR #8750 o leoetlino)
5.0-11861 5 mis,1 wythnos ago Translation resources sync with Transifex
5.0-11860 5 mis,1 wythnos ago Android: Reload Wii Remote settings upon saving them (PR #8735 o Ebola16)
5.0-11858 5 mis,1 wythnos ago DolphinQt: Don't overwrite >8x IR scale in ini, add maximum internal res option (PR #8340 o stenzek)
5.0-11856 5 mis,1 wythnos ago Android: Set Insert SD Card default setting to true (PR #8746 o Ebola16)
5.0-11854 5 mis,1 wythnos ago Core: Skip duplicate frames when using frame advance (PR #8730 o JosJuice)