4.0-418 6 blwyddyn,9 mis ago Fix SafeCPReadPointer bugs.
4.0-417 6 blwyddyn,9 mis ago Give deterministic dual-core a proper option (but don't expose it in the GUI).
4.0-416 6 blwyddyn,9 mis ago Refactor SetCpStatus, hopefully fixing breakpoints.
4.0-415 6 blwyddyn,9 mis ago Get rid of racey gpuBusy in favor of a safer version of the thing I said was terrible.
4.0-414 6 blwyddyn,9 mis ago Make SafeCPReadPointer do what it actually does, and document it.
4.0-413 6 blwyddyn,9 mis ago Fix stopping emulation.
4.0-412 6 blwyddyn,9 mis ago Add SyncGPUIfIdleOnly to EFB access and perf queries.
4.0-411 6 blwyddyn,9 mis ago Don't set CPReadWriteDistance to 0.
4.0-410 6 blwyddyn,9 mis ago Use an explicit variable to wait for the GPU thread...
4.0-409 6 blwyddyn,9 mis ago ProcessFifoEvents shouldn't read interrupt*Waiting in bSyncGPUAtIdleOnly mode.
4.0-408 6 blwyddyn,9 mis ago Add a supposedly deterministic dual-core VideoCommon option, bSyncGPUAtIdleOnly.
4.0-407 6 blwyddyn,9 mis ago Complain about threadsafe events during netplay.
4.0-262 6 blwyddyn,11 mis ago Merge branch 'master' into np
4.0-182 6 blwyddyn,11 mis ago Remove unnecessary GCC noinline attribute.
4.0-150 6 blwyddyn,11 mis ago Fix SafeCPReadPointer bugs.
4.0-181 6 blwyddyn,11 mis ago Merge branch 'udpnet' into dc-netplay
4.0-163 6 blwyddyn,11 mis ago Fix freeze on close - bFF_GPReadEnable was not enough to stop SyncGPU.
4.0-162 6 blwyddyn,11 mis ago Perf: Use unordered_map instead of map in very slightly hot function.
4.0-161 6 blwyddyn,11 mis ago Don't sync the GPU if we haven't started yet.
4.0-160 6 blwyddyn,11 mis ago Actually, SetCpStatus *does* also need to be called from the CPU thread...