What is Dolphin?

Dolphin is a GameCube and Wii emulator with high compatibility across the majority of titles for both platforms. It was first developed as closed source in 2003, and as open source since 2008.

What is Dolphin's License?

When Dolphin went open-source in 2008, it was released under the GPLv2 license. However it has since been relicensed to GPLv2+. According to the license, you may use Dolphin and its source code for any purpose, but distributing Dolphin requires that the source code be released and attribution given. For more details, see the license document.

Who Made Dolphin?

Over 200 people have worked hard over the years to create Dolphin. The list of contributors can be found on GitHub.

Dolphin is not affiliated with Nintendo in any way.

What operating systems are supported?

Dolphin is a cross-platform emulator that runs on Windows (7 and newer), Linux, and Mac OS X (Yosemite and up). For their ease of use and additional graphics backend options, Windows is generally recommended for most users. Other Unix-like systems (such as FreeBSD) may work but are not officially supported. Operating systems are required to be 64-bit to run Dolphin.

As well, Dolphin runs on Android 5.0 and up on 64-bit Android devices. The Android version of Dolphin is in alpha and should not be expected to work as well as the PC counterpart.

Which CPU should I use?

Dolphin is a dual core application that relies upon IPC (Instructions Per Clock) for performance. Additional cores will not make Dolphin go any faster, though an "extra" core that Dolphin isn’t using may help slightly by keeping background tasks from using the same cores as Dolphin.

  • Intel: Newer Core i5 and i7 processors such as the i5-4670K and i5-3570K are extremely fast and very affordable considering their relative power. The K series allows for overclocking, which can further improve the performance of those CPUs. Core i7 variants yield almost no benefit in IPC over the i5s they are based on, so save the cash if you’re building a Dolphin machine. For laptops, you can rely on the i7-4700MQ and i7-4930MX for the absolute best performance. Most games will run very well on any of those processors.

  • AMD: Due to very low IPC, AMD CPUs are poor choices for Dolphin. The FX8000 line of processors is the best they have, and even then most of those processors will be around half the speed of the 4670K’s performance with Dolphin.

Note: For more information regarding CPU performance, please checkout this handy benchmark that contains results from tons of users. Just remember that Dolphin is a console emulator: it does what the games instruct it to do. Every game has its own needs and requirements. Some games run well on most modern processors, while others won’t run full speed at all times on even the most powerful of processors.

Which GPU do I need?

Compared to processors, choosing a GPU for Dolphin is a fairly simple task. The more powerful the graphics card, the more pixels and enhancements you can throw at it before you’ll see slowdown. However, the biggest thing to watch for is making sure the GPU supports DirectX11.1 and OpenGL 4.4. Dolphin emulates a console that functions very differently from a traditional PC, and uses the latest D3D and OGL features to reduce overhead. If you do not have those extensions, performance will suffer.

  • NVIDIA: Due to the importance of the OpenGL Extension “Buffer Storage” no NVIDIA GPU before the Geforce 4xx series can be recommended. Despite being a bit old, the Geforce GTX 460 will handle almost any game you throw at it in HD resolutions. Older NVIDIA GPUs will still be able to run the games fine, especially within the D3D backend and in OpenGL with older builds still using the “Vertex Streaming Hack.”

  • AMD: Unlike the processor battle, AMD’s graphics cards actually manage very well at Dolphin. As of 4.0-1192, AMD video cards see boosts around the board because of the addition of integer math. As such, the AMD HD5770 and should run most games at HD Resolutions.

  • Intel Onboard: Intel HD3000 and HD4000 can run Dolphin at reasonable speeds, and can even run many games with enhancements; but they will struggle with demanding titles. A full fledged graphics card is highly recommended. IGPs older than the HD3000 are not officially supported.

Faint o RAM sydd angen er mwyn rhedeg Dolphin?

2GB neu'n fwy yw ein argymhelliad. Yn gyffredinol, nid yw cyflymder y RAM neu maint y RAM (uwchben 2GB) yn cael llawer o effaith ar gyflymder yr efelychydd.

Pa fersiwn o Dolphin dylwn i lawrlwytho?

The latest stable version of Dolphin is a good choice to start with: it works with a lot of games and is well tested. Development versions have the latest fixes and optimizations, but their constantly changing nature means that little testing has been done on them and unknown bugs may appear.

Our buildbot provides each revision of Dolphin in four variants on the main site:

  • Windows x64 for 64-bit Windows operating systems
  • Mac OS X for 64-bit Mac OS X computers
  • Ubuntu for Debian-based 64-bit Linux operating systems
  • Android APKs for 64-bit Android

Dolphin no longer supports 32-bit operating systems. To check if your version of Windows is compatible with 64-bit applications, open the Start Menu, right click on Computer and select the Properties option. A window should appear, showing "64-bit operating system" as the System type if your Windows version can run Dolphin x64. If you are running a 32-bit operating system, you should upgrade to better utilize the abilities of your hardware.

On Android, Dolphin also requires 64-bit (ARMv8 AArch64). To see if your Android phone has the necessary requirements, simply run the APK, and Dolphin will alert you.

Do note that sometimes the buildbot is not always around for a build, and various revisions may not have built correctly for all OSes. If this occurs, it will be fixed in a short time.

"This program can't start because MSVCP140.dll is missing"

Dolphin now uses Visual Studio C++ 2015 for Windows compiling, Windows users must have the 64-bit Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 installed in order to use development builds. The runtime has a minimum system requirement of Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7 SP1.

Also, remember to extract Dolphin's files from the archive to a folder on your computer instead of running Dolphin directly from inside the archive.

"Gwrthododd y rhaglen ddechrau gan fod XINPUT1_3.dll ar goll"

You need to install the latest DirectX runtime from Microsoft or make sure you have the latest Xbox 360 Controller Drivers installed.

"Gwrthododd y rhaglen ddechrau'n iawn (0xc000007b)"

Digwydda hyn pan fo'r defnyddiwr yn rhedeg lluniad 64-bit pan fo lluniadau 32-bit yn gweithio'n iawn. Yn aml pan fo pobl yn gweld neges am absennoldeb vcomp100.dll or xinput1_3.dll mewn lluniad 64-bit, maent yn llawrlwytho'r ffeiliau oedd ar goll o luniad 32-bit ac yn disgwyl iddynt weithio gyda lluniad 64-bit.

Os yw hyn yn broblem, dylid dileu unrhyw ffeiliau DLL a lawrwythwyd a'u hailosod yn defnyddio'r arsefydlydd go iawn. Mae yna fwy o weybodaeth yn y ddwy CC uchod.

Nid yw fy nghyfrifiadur yn perfformio i'n nisgwyliadau

Mae cliniaduron a GPUau modern yn defnyddio nifer o dactegau i leihau tymheredd ac anghenion pŵer. Yn aml mae'r tactegau yma yn rhwystro Dolphin rhag rhedeg yn effeithiol. I alluogi'r system i gyrraedd ei botensial, porwch y dolenni isod.

Gosodais rhwymiadau ar gyfer ail reolydd GC, ond nid yw'n gweithio

Gwnewch yn siwr fod Porth GC 2 wedi ei osod fel 'Standard Controller' yn y ffurfweddiadau Gamecube. Os yw'r broblem yn parhâu, mae'n bosib nad yw'r gêm yn cynnal ail rheolydd GC.

How can I use my PS3 or PS4 wireless controller with Dolphin?

Install the ScpToolkit driver package to get Windows to recognize your controller as a bluetooth device, or to connect a PS3 controller to your system. They can then be used in the Dolphin GCPad and Emulated Wiimote configuration.

My audio is stuttering!

HLE Audio emulation has always been an issue for Dolphin in the past. Glitches, crashes, missing audio, volume issues, balance issues and more plagued the emulator. In an effort that eventually fixed 99% of the problems, audio emulation was revamped to be synchronous to emulation speed. This acts more like the console itself would, and prevents thousands of audio issues and crashes from cropping up.

What can you do? Well, if you’re running well below full speed, setting the frame limiter lower will get you time stretching to that framerate. The OpenAL audio backend also has the ability to timestretch regardless of what you have the framelimiter set to.

Other than that there is no solution other than to run the game full speed. If by chance you prefer buggy audio, use a version before the audio improvements, such as Dolphin 3.5.

Game "X" does not run correctly

Even with a decade of work, Dolphin isn't a perfect emulator. This means you may encounter various issues that range from minor sound or graphics defects to game breaking errors and crashes. In order to provide users with as much information as possible, the Dolphin website hosts a wiki with thousands of pages dedicated to games and various features of the emulator. Game Specific pages often list problems a game has, solutions, and what settings are needed to make it run as accurately as possible.

If you find a bug in a game that isn't listed on the Wiki, please checkout the issue tracker and see if it is reported there. If it isn't, feel free to report the bug you found so that the developers are aware of the issue. Be aware, one of the rules you must follow before reporting an issue is make sure the issue isn't already fixed on the latest development version.

Dolphin speeds up when I open the graphics menu?

Dolphin is configured to run as fast as possible by default. However, for some games, that will cause a lot of problems, and they need more accurate and more demanding settings to run properly. For user convenience, many games have had these settings preconfigured in the "GameINI", a file with custom settings for each game.

By opening the graphics menu, you are overriding the GameINI default settings and instead using the settings within the graphics menu, which will be the global defaults or whatever you last set them to. If you are playing a game that needs accurate but demanding settings, opening the graphics menu will disable those settings and result in a speed up. However, you will then be subject to the glitches and problems the GameINI settings were protecting you from.

See the Dolphin Wiki for details on what games needs which settings to run correctly and why.

Sut allai greu fersiwn o Dolphin ar fy nghyfrifiadur?

The build instructions are available on GitHub:

Pa fodd yw'r gorau i ddilyn datblygiadau?

Builds are compiled for every development version of Dolphin and are available on the download page.

All of the Git commits are also available on GitHub where you can comment on changes and view new pull requests to get a jump on upcoming features.

Mae gen i syniad i wella Dolphin, sut ddylai awgrymu hwn i'r datblygwyr?

Mae'r rhan fwyaf o ddatblygwyr yn ddarllen y fforwm. Gellir awgrymu unrhyw newidiadau yno i gael adborth oddi wrth y datblygwyr a defnyddwyr eraill.

Rydym hefyd yn cyfathrebu drwy ddefnyddio IRC er mwyn siarad yn uniongyrchol. Ymunwch â ni ar #dolphin-emu @ irc.freenode.net.

Hyd yn oed os yw eich syniad yn dda iawn, cofwich bod y datblygwyr yn gweithio ar Dolphin yn eu hamser hamdden a nid yw'n bosib ychwanegu popeth sy'n cael ei awgrymu.

Oes modd defnyddio mwy o greiddiau CPU i gyflym'r efelychydd?

Nid yw CPU yn gwiethio yn y modd yma.

Mae pob craidd mewn CPU yn gweithio'n baralel. Gellir rhedeg dwy dasg yn effeithiol ar yr un pryd os nad oes angen iddynt gyfathrebu'n aml. Er enghraifft, gellir cywasgu dwy ffeil ar greiddiau ar wahân gan fod cywasgu'r un ffeil a cywasgu'r llall yn dasgiau hollol annibynnol, a does dim angen iddynt gyfathrebu.

Yn efelychydd Dolphin, yr unig dasgiau sylweddol sy'n rhedeg yn effeithiol ym mharalel yw'r CPU, GPU a DSP. Bydd torri'r prosesau yma mewn i dasgiau llai - er mwyn rhedeg ar fwy o greiddiau - yn arafu'r efelychydd. Gan hynny, mae Dolphin yn rhedeg ar 3 craidd yn unig, yn lle 4 neu 6 craidd a goll fod yn eich CPU.

Pam oes angen cyfrifiadur mor bwerus er mwyn efelychu hen gemau?

Er fod y Gamecube a'r Wii llawer yn arafach na'r caledwedd sydd angen i'w hefelychu, mae caledwedd y GC a'r Wii yn hynod o wahanol i beth sydd fel arfer mewn PC. Er enghraifft:

  • Yn lle CPU x86 Intel neu AMD, mae'r Gamecube a'r Wii yn defnyddio CPU IBM PowerPC. Rhaglennwyd gemau yn benodol ar gyfer y CPU hwn, felly mae rhaid cyfieithu pob cyfarwyddyd i mewn i rhywbeth gall PC ddeall. Yn dibynnu ar y cyfarwyddyd, gall hwn feddwl 2x i 100x yn fwy o gyfarwyddiadau yn yr efelychydd, felly mae angen caledwedd llawer yn gyflymach na'r CPU 486MHz a oedd yn y Gamecube.

  • Yn lle SDRAM, mae'r Gamecube a'r Wii yn defnyddio SRAM sydd yn llai ac yn gyflymach. Mae'r SRAM yma hefyd yn cael ei rhannu gan y CPU a'r GPU, sy'n cyflymu nifer o gyfarwyddiadau.

  • Nid yw'r GPU yn defnyddio 'shaders': Mewn GC neu Wii, mae pob effaith a chyfrifiad yn cael ei weithredu yn uniongyrchol gan y caledwedd yn lle defnyddio iaith rhyngol. Mae hwn yn hollol wahanol i'r broses sy'n digwydd mewn PC. Mae rhaid i Dolphin gyfieithu popeth yn defnyddio 'shaders', lle gall GC neu Wii weithredu'r un cyfarwyddiadau yn uniongyrchol yn eu caledwedd (sydd llawer yn gyflymach).

*Mae'n rhaid i PC rhedeg system weithredu (OS) er mwyn rhedeg sawl rhaglen ar yr un pryd. Gan fod GC a Wii yn chwarae gemau yn unig, maent yn gallu rhedeg gemau yn uniongyrchol yn eu caledwedd heb angen system weithredu.

Mae sawl rheswm arall pam fod angen cyfrifiadur mor bwerus i efelychu gemau GC/Wii, ond dylai'r rhestr yma rhoi syniad gweddol o'r heriau sydd yn dod o efelychu gemau.

Oes rhywle i mi lawrlwytho ffeiliau ISO/ROM?

Ateb byr: Nac oes. Prynwch gemau a wedyn defnyddiwch Wii i greu copïau. Mae nifer o ganllawiau am sut i wneud hyn ar y rhyngrwyd.

Ateb hir: Mae llawrlwytho gemau heb ganiatâd y creuwyr yn anghyfreithlon. Nid yw unrhywun yn nhîm Dolphin yn cefnogi cael gafael ar gemau yn y modd yma - yn cynnwys llawrlwytho gemau yr ydych wedi prynu yn y gorffennol. Rydym yn awgrymu prynu gemau'n gyfreithlon a wedyn eu dympio yn defnyddio Wii.

Er mwyn dympio gemau yr ydych wedi prynu, gellir defnyddio Wii sydd wedi ei addasu a defnyddio rhaglen fel CleanRip. Mae nifer o ganllawiau am sut i addasu Wii ar y rhyngrwyd.

Pa fformatiau dymp sy'n gweithio ar Dolphin?

Mae Dolphin yn medru chwarae gemau sydd wedi eu dympio yn y fformatiau canlynol:

  • GCM/ISO (heb eu cywasgu, dylai'r rhain fod yn 1.4GB am gemau GC a 4.7GB am gemau Wii)
  • GCZ (mae Dolphin yn medru cywasgu gemau i'r fformat yma)
  • CISO
  • WFBS (nid yw Dolphin 3.0 neu'n gynharach yn medru defnyddio'r fformat yma)

Cofiwch bod WBFS a CISO yn fformatiau cywasg gollyngys: maent yn cael gwared o wybodaeth sydd ddim yn anghenrheidiol i wneud y ffeiliau'n llai. Gan hynny, rydym yn awgrymu dympio gemau i fformat GCM/ISO os yw'r fformatiau eraill yn ddidoreth.