3.5-392 7 blwyddyn,5 mis ago Revert "[bugfix] DX9::TextureCache: Use max_lod instead of min_lod where necessary."
3.5-391 7 blwyddyn,5 mis ago Merge branch 'mipmap_fixes'.
3.5-383 7 blwyddyn,5 mis ago Fix some potential issues when blending on EFB formats without alpha. Clean up state transition tables.
3.5-382 7 blwyddyn,5 mis ago Disable play and record buttons if an iso was selected, but is later deselected.
3.5-381 7 blwyddyn,5 mis ago Disable start/play recording buttons when no iso is selected.
3.5-380 7 blwyddyn,5 mis ago Only delay DI and fs IPC replies. Fixes issue 5982.
3.5-379 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Fix compilation with SDL2. (based on a patch from matthewharveys) Fixes issue 5971.
3.5-378 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago "Fix" using SDL from externals.
3.5-377 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Clean up SDL includes a bit. Maybe fix an SDL2 problem.
3.5-376 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Number "unknown" axes in OSX rather than call them all "unk".
3.5-375 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Revert "Only delay DI command replies." Fix "Wii Party" again.
3.5-374 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Hopefully make wiimote speaker less crappy.
3.5-373 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Fixed issue 5973. (probably)
3.5-372 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Merge branch 'more-ipc-hle-hacks'
3.5-369 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Make real wiimote speaker not cause massive input delays. Fixes issue 5966.
3.5-368 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Added a script to copy the OpenAL dll's to the main Dolphin folder on new builds.
3.5-367 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Merge branch 'ipc-hle-hacks' Thanks skid_au for testing and helping think of the solution!
3.5-358 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Merge branch 'compiler-warnings' This shouldn't break anything so I will go ahead and merge it. Disc scrubbing is tested and works. There is a minor change to how the data is read by using the File:...
3.5-356 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Modify the gettextize script to add the header and dolphin license to the dolphin-emu.pot file. Also update the pot file once more.
3.5-355 7 blwyddyn,6 mis ago Merge branch 'translations-update'