4.0-557 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Support grabbing whichever OpenGL mode we are running under from GLInterface. GLES or GL
4.0-556 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Fixed issue 6245. (ISO Path's "Remove" button not being disabled when it should be)
4.0-555 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Eliminate some Wiimote acceleration logic redundancy. Yeah, I eliminated a total of 3 LSB of accel data in the process, but no one will notice.
4.0-554 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Revert "Reading shake force from calibration rather than a constant" It didn't make sense. The math was nonsensical. Calibration data was somehow applied twice. I don't even.
4.0-553 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Fix some emulated wiimote turntable stupidness (DJ Hero controller). Happy Christmas! Fixed issue 6865.
4.0-552 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago [Android] Fix the gradle build system to allow for building from terminal. It will now copy the library files correctly and sign the resulting apk.
4.0-551 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Remove our GLU dependency. Fix static zlib
4.0-550 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago [Android] Add a gradle build file for use with Android Studio 4.0
4.0-549 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Change a PanicAlert to OSD message.
4.0-548 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Fix the extended information status line that shows emulated mhz + idles skipped.
4.0-547 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago [Android] Stop copying assets that don't need to be copied anymore.
4.0-546 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Clean up and add info to .gitignore; also re-add the QtCreator CMakeLists.txt.user ignore.
4.0-545 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Revert "Add CMakeLists.txt.user to the .gitignore file. Closes issue 6873." because no comment has been given on what that newly ignored file even is. If no dev knows what's going on and there's not e...
4.0-544 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago [Android] Work around Qualcomm's broken garbage in their v53 drivers. This doesn't fix the issue, just a work around. This is the stupidest issue coming from Qualcomm. Now Dolphin Mobile won't crash i...
4.0-543 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Work around AMD's broken Linux drivers when it comes to pinned memory and base_vertex usage. It seems that using pinned memory with base_vertex disabled is quicker than the other way around.
4.0-542 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago [Android] Things fixed in Qualcomm driver v53. GLSL Centroid usage. SHADER_INFO_LOG reporting 0 at all times. Some crazy nonsense that broke the FPS counter. Those are all fixed. glBufferSubData still...
4.0-541 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago In the shader log message, say if the error came from a PS or VS.
4.0-540 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Fix the ZLib in Externals. The CMakeLists file looked like it was copy-pasted from ZLib itself. It didn't work for various reasons.
4.0-539 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Merge branch 'revert-avx'
4.0-536 7 blwyddyn,4 mis ago Add a non-tiny warning about CPUs that will silently desync.